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KITS for Kids Events / Party Favours

We have some stock of easy to make jewellery kits or party favours (eg: Bead Bracelet Kits (large hole beads), Key Ring with Charms Kits, Steam Punk Cord Necklace Kits, Dream Catcher Pendant Kits, etc...). Instructions and gift bags included where appropriate.  Contact us for information - early for possible large requirements to make sure we have or an get the stock required.

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Jewellery Repair

Wear and tear is the reality of our busy lives.  If your chosen pieces need servicing, we stand ready to assist.  We have a full range of jewelry repair and maintenance services.  From cleaning and tightening to repairing breaks and resizing — our team of artisans can help you in a timely and supportive manner.  Our services do not simply rest upon sale, we will maintain our product for years to come.


Appraisals are not just about knowing the value of your jewelry, but understanding its history. Appraisals are available on lots or individual items.  We absolutely love those rare finds and take this opportunity to assist you in understanding the value of your piece.  Whatever your reason for appraisal, you can trust our dedicated and experienced team to comprehensively evaluate your piece.